Cash Accounts with Rim Forest Lumber

Many of our customers find our cash accounts quick and convenient, especially if they have workers or other family members picking up supplies for them, or for whatever reason are not able to be present to make a purchase with their credit card.
It only takes a few minutes to open a cash account which is typically funded with a credit card.  These accounts have specified authorized signers, which gives the account holder control over its use.
At the end of each month where there has been activity on the account, copies of all invoices are sent to the account holder along with a statement reflecting all activity including the accounts ending balance.
When the account balance becomes too low for additional purchases the account holder may make additional account deposits over the phone with a faxed authorization form.
Cash accounts may be closed at any time.  Any monies remaining will be returned to the credit card that was used to fund the account.
Contact our accounting office by calling 909.337.6262 for further questions or to open your account now!